Virkar Group seeder

A Virkar Group seeder is progress for your field

If you are looking to incorporate the latest technology to revolutionize your field, Virkar Group offers you the best seeder, with high performance and the greatest adaptability. The decision to use technology to improve your yields and make agricultural work easier and more practical is closer than you think. Learn about the benefits of adopting a Virkar seeder as an ally.

Technology has a lot to give your field

Virkar Group’s essential commitment is the research and development of new solutions to improve agricultural productivity, while we seek to reduce environmental impact. The search for greater sustainability and efficiency in agriculture has led us to the creation of a high-quality seeder that allows more precise and effective sowing.

We are experts in the development of high-tech machines, and that is why we recommend incorporating the latest advances in your field. The benefits will not only be felt in the performance, but also in the day to day of the producer:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Farm technology such as automated irrigation systems, a modern planter, monitoring systems, and crop management tools provide greater efficiency in the use of resources such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides. This leads to an increase in the productivity of agricultural land.
  • Cost reduction: By optimizing the use of resources and improving efficiency in agricultural operations, technology can help reduce costs. A Virkar direct seeder, for example, reduces labor and optimizes the use of seeds and fertilizers.
  • Task automation: The adoption of technology in the field can allow the automation of routine and repetitive tasks. For example, a seeder can take care not only of planting the seeds, but also facilitate harvesting and improve yield. Dependence on human labor is reduced, and resource optimization is facilitated.
  • Improved traceability and quality: Technology can facilitate the tracking and recording of information throughout the entire supply chain. This improves traceability, resulting in greater transparency and trust for consumers. In addition, technology can help improve the quality of products by monitoring and controlling production processes more precisely.

Acquiring a Virkar seeder are all benefits

Virkar puts his daily effort into developing better and better machines to make agricultural work easier and more efficient. He has created a seeder capable of standing above the most prestigious on the market. Capable of offering high performance and responding to the highest expectations and demands in the sowing process.

Dynamic Series machines offer and guarantee quality direct seeding and high precision with low operating costs and basic maintenance. A Virkar seeder has a steered axle, which provides a new degree of freedom, improving seeding on curved trajectories and reduces stress on the seed train, extending the life of the components. In addition, it allows blocking for road transport and very reduced manoeuvres.

The modular design of our seeder allows for a high load capacity and low drag. It also admits the incorporation of different optional kits so that all the needs of your field are covered. You can learn more about our models and choose your next planter. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a budget designed for what you need and to know the technical specifications of all our products or call 938 043 387.