direct seeding machine

How to choose a direct seeding machine for your field

The direct seeding machine has become in recent years an essential tool for farmers seeking to adopt more environmentally friendly and productive agricultural practices. Virkar offers a high-performance direct seeding machine that differs from the rest of those available on the market due to its adaptability. In this article, we’ll provide you tips for selecting the right direct seeding machine that aligns with your farming needs and goals.

Tips for choosing a direct seeding machine

When looking for farm equipment for your field, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind. Having all the technical information will allow you to anticipate in advance if the seeder is the right one for you, your type of land and crop. Virkar offers exclusive multimedia content to give you the chance to see your next direct seeding machine in action.

  • Assess your farming needs: What kind of crops do you plan to grow? What is the size of your lot? Do you have any type of uneven or challenging terrain? By understanding your requirements, you will be able to determine the features and capabilities you need in a direct seed drill.
  • Investigate the technical characteristics: Each direct seeder machine has its own technical characteristics that influence its performance and efficiency. Some of these features include planting row spacing, adjustable planting depth, hopper capacity, and the ability to work on sloping terrain.
  • Quality and durability: These are crucial aspects to consider when choosing a direct seed drill. Virkar is a company backed by research and technological innovation. All the components and accessories of ourDynamic Series direct seed drills are of a high standard, designed to withstand the most demanding work days.
  • Ease of use and maintenance: Whenever you choose a Virkar Group no-till machine, you are choosing high performance and low maintenance. They are intuitively operable and all controls simple. If you have any questions about our direct seed drills, count on the personalized advice of our experts.

How a direct seeding machine can change your field

A direct seeding machine can have a significant impact on the way a field is cultivated, transforming the way agricultural operations are conducted and improving productivity, sustainability and profitability.

The direct seeding machine avoids the need to till the soil before sowing, allowing the top layer of soil to remain intact. This prevents nutrient loss and promotes the long-term health of the soil.

No-till practices help retain moisture in the soil by keeping the surface covered with crop residues and plant debris. This contributes to a more efficient use of water.

It is also key to say that a direct seeding machine saves energy and decreases fuel consumption and, therefore, lowers the emission of greenhouse gases. Additionally, it can reduce the need for agrochemicals like pesticides and fertilizers by promoting soil health and reducing the spread of pests and diseases.

Trust Virkar to transform your crops

Since our creation, at Virkar we have worked to achieve a direct seeding machine capable of standing above the most prestigious machines on the market. Our Dynamic Series offer high performance to meet the most demanding expectations in the sowing process.We are committed to precision technology to reduce the use of farm inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of farming. Our direct seed drills are specifically designed to be more efficient in terms of energy and resource use. Trust Virkar Group to revolutionize your field, you will not regret it!