direct seeder

A Virkar direct seeder drill will transform your field

At Virkar Group we are aware that agriculture is constantly evolving and for this reason, one of our main supports is innovative research and technology for our direct seeders. Each of our machines is exclusively designed based on the needs of the producers and their fields, to make their work simpler and more sustainable with the environment.

Facing challenges in modern agriculture with Virkar

No-tillage is a technique that revolutionized the way of cultivating fields since its inception and has proven to have a significant impact on the productivity and sustainability of agriculture. At Virkar Group, a leader in agricultural solutions, we work hard to make our direct seeder drill a tool that not only improves efficiency, but also contributes to a brighter agricultural future.

No-till is an agricultural approach that involves sowing seeds directly into the soil without the need for prior tilling or plowing. This innovative approach has the potential to conserve soil structure, reduce erosion, and improve the overall health of the agricultural ecosystem. Virkar Group, aware of the importance of adopting sustainable farming practices, has developed a state-of-the-art direct seeder that offers a number of benefits for farmers.

Get to know the Virkar direct seeder models

Our Dynamic Series machines are characterized by being the best direct seeders on the market thanks to their adaptability at the highest level. Not all fields and not all producers are the same and each crop has its characteristics, which is why at Virkar we have developed a direct seeder with the ability to adapt to different soil, crop and labor intensity conditions.

The Virkar Dynamic direct seeder has up to 6,800 liters of hopper capacity in compact transport dimensions that allow long working hours.

To see our direct seeder drill in action and to know its technical details, we invite you to visit our exclusive multimedia content. In addition, you can count on the personalized advice that our experts will give you if you ask for advice on which is the most recommended direct seeder for your field.

A Virkar direct seeder is a guarantee of better performance

Among the technical issues to highlight, one of the main ones is the intelligent Virkar system for hydraulic control. It treats of an electrical dosage control by means of ISOBUS compatible with positioning GPS for automatic direction and maps.

Our direct seeder allows you to sow faster and with lower operating costs. It also helps to optimize inputs, both seeds and fertilizers, and its low intrusion into the soil allows for greater conservation of water and humidity.

It is important to note that the Virkar direct seeder has the ability to work on different types of soil and in the most difficult conditions with stones, stubble and high humidity.

The possibility of lifting the machine facilitates access to sowing land, always with a very low center of gravity. The ease of access to the hopper, the tool box and many other details make the Virkar Dynamic a machine that has taken into account the comfort of the farmer in order to better carry out his work.

Virkar Group’s direct seeder drill simplifies farming operations by reducing the number of steps required compared to conventional tillage. This can save farmers time and effort, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

We are technological innovation, we are Virkar Group

Embracing technologies like Virkar Group’s no-till drill allows farmers to be part of the solution to global challenges in food production. Investment in this technology not only benefits individual farmers, but also has a positive impact on food security, environmental conservation and the prosperity of rural communities in general.

Virkar Group’s direct seeder drill proves every time it is put to the test to be a valuable tool for sustainable and efficient agriculture. With benefits ranging from soil conservation to reduced water and energy consumption, this technology is transforming the way farmers approach growing crops. By adopting innovative practices like no-tillage, farmers can meet current and future agricultural challenges more effectively, while contributing to building a more sustainable and promising agricultural future.