Sustainability with Virkar Group

Virkar: For a more sustainable world

Sustainability is a topic of great importance in modern agriculture, and seed drills play a fundamental role in this area. Planters are essential for large-scale food production, but their use can also have a negative  impact on the environment if not managed sustainably.

At Virkar Group we contribute to sustainability by adopting direct sowing practices thanks to our  sowing machines. No-tillage is a farming method that involves planting crops without plowing the  land, which helps reduce soil erosion and the use of fossil fuels.

Another way seed drills can be made more sustainable is through the use of precision technology. Precision technology can help farmers minimize the use of farm inputs, such as fertilizers and  pesticides, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of farming.

In addition, seed drills can be designed to be more efficient in terms of energy and resource use.
For example, planters can be equipped with electric motors instead of internal combustion  engines, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lessens reliance on fossil fuels.

In summary, sustainability in planting machines is an important issue that requires the adoption of  more sustainable agricultural practices. No-till, precision technology and efficient use of resources are some of the ways in which seed drills can be more sustainable and contribute to responsibleand sustainable food production.