Virkar revolutionizes agriculture with its Dynamic Series direct drill

Agriculture is constantly evolving, but the addition of the direct drill was one of the most revolutionary technological additions to improve efficiency and productivity in planting crops. These specialized machines have transformed the way farmers do their work, optimizing the planting process and providing numerous benefits. Virkar Group and its Dynamic Series machines are changing the agricultural landscape and have become essential tools for the modernization and sustainability of the industry.

What is a direct drill how does it work

A Virkar Group direct drill is an agricultural machine specifically designed to implant crop seeds into the soil accurately and evenly. They have advanced systems that control the distance between sowing rows, the sowing depth and the amount of seeds deposited in each furrow. This ensures even seed distribution, which in turn improves germination and crop growth.

The Dynamic Series are high performance machines with the best adaptability available on the market. You can consult about our models and their possible combinations in our exclusive multimedia content. The exact machine that your field needs is in Virkar Group.

The benefits of a direct drill in agriculture

Without a doubt, the direct drill is one of the most revolutionary advances in the history of agriculture. Over the years, the benefits that machines bring to the field have multiplied:

  • Planting Precision: Virkar direct drill are backed by precise technology to ensure seeds are placed at the proper depth and spacing. This reduces seed waste and ensures even distribution, leading to more even crop growth.
  • Increased efficiency: The precision of the direct drill allows for faster and more efficient planting. Farmers can cover large tracts of land in less time, saving labor and resources.
  • Seed savings: Since the drills deposit seeds in a controlled and uniform manner, the need to use excessive amounts of seed is reduced. This results in significant cost and resource savings.
  • Higher productivity: The combination of accurate and efficient planting with less intraspecific competition leads to higher productivity. Crops have enhanced potential to reach their maximum yield.
  • Less work, more performance: The use of Virkar direct drill reduces the need for work, since it does not require prior preparation or plowing of the land. This frees up time and resources for other important farm tasks.

Virkar direct drills, machines in continuous evolution

At Virkar Group we are dedicated to developing machines listening to the needs of the producer. Our main objective is to be able to meet the needs of each field and its particularities. For this reason, we create direct drills that incorporate technological research into their features, making them increasingly combinable and adaptable.

We invite you to learn about our Dynamic Series machines, their features and technical specifications. All our direct seeders guarantee adaptability at the highest level in multiple terrains and conditions. In addition, they are synonymous with autonomy, high performance and comfort for the farmer. The Virkar direct drill sows quickly and with lower operating costs in different types of soil and in the most difficult conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the benefits of our direct drill, you can contact us or the distributor that corresponds to your area. According to your needs, at Virkar we will develop a personalized budget so that you can acquire a machine that will change your daily work and the productivity of your field. You will not regret giving your crops a quality leap!