Virkar Group

The history of Virkar Group

The Virkar company was born in 2012 by three young entrepreneurs by profession, engineer, mechanic and farmer, who were looking to achieve a direct sowing machine capable of standing above the most prestigious machines on the market. Capable of offering high performance that, today, no machine on the market offers, and capable of responding to the highest expectations and demands in the sowing process.

Philosophy and values

Virkar wants to listen to the farmer and at the same time provide a modern and technological vision, thanks to his multidisciplinary team, to create high-quality and reliable machines, always maintaining ease of use and a high degree of innovation.

The level of demand and the involvement down to the last detail in the development of the machine, make Virkar a brand of recognized prestige, and well received in the high-level professional sector, which uses its machines every day, and where the operating costs, efficiency and final result have a lot of weight.

Before putting a product on the market, in its design phase, it is evaluated so that if what already exists cannot be improved, it does not make sense to us.