disc seed drill

Six reasons to choose a disc seed drill for your field

The furrow opening system is one of the most widely used globally for agriculture based on direct sowing. Virkar Group has a disc seed drill that is superior to all those on the market due to its benefits and high technology. Learn about six reasons to choose our agricultural machines for your field.

Choosing a Virkar disc seeder is choosing maximum adaptability

Compared to other types of machines available on the market, Virkar offers a disc seed drill with several additional advantages. They stand out for sowing precision, adaptability to different types of soil, less soil disturbance, saving time and resources, less soil compaction and crop versatility. These advantages make the disc seed drill a popular choice for direct seeding and soil conservation in modern agriculture.

Top Six Benefits of the disc seed drill

  • –          More precise planting: A disc planter stands out for its precision and uniformity. Opening discs cut a groove in the soil and deposit the seeds into that groove consistently. This ensures an even distribution of seeds throughout the field, resulting in more even germination and homogeneous plant growth.
  • –          They can adapt to different types of soil: Heavy, clayey or sandy soils. No one stops a Virkar disc seed drill from seeding efficiently.
  • –          Less soil disturbance: Compared to other sowing techniques, the disc seed drill does not generate intensive tillage of the land. The discs cut a clean groove without disturbing the soil, which helps preserve soil structure, reduces erosion and promotes moisture retention.
  • –          Time and resources are saved: Disc planters avoid having to make multiple passes with heavy machinery to prepare the soil, resulting in lower fuel consumption and greater work efficiency.
  • –          The soil compacts less: Regarding heavy equipment, the disc seed drill reduces soil compaction as it does not require intensive tillage. The pressure on the ground is reduced and collaborates with the best preservation of the structure and the best development of the roots of the plants.
  • –          Crop Versatility: Disc planters are ideal for a wide variety of crops, including cereals, legumes, grasses and more. They can adapt to different sizes and shapes of seeds, which provides flexibility in the choice of crops to plant.

Dynamic Series, high performance disc seed drill

Virkar Group Dynamic Series machines provide the highest performance to meet the specific needs of your field. In multiple terrains and conditions, our Dynamic DC, Dynamic D and Dynamic C disc planters will meet your expectations.

They allow great autonomy with up to 6,800 liters of hopper capacity in compact transport dimensions. Achieve long work days with faster planting and lower operating costs.

In addition, the Dynamic disc seed drill has an intelligent Virkar system for hydraulic control. And add the electrical dosage control through ISOBUS compatible with GPS positioning for automatic direction and maps.

The possibility of lifting the machine facilitates access to sowing land, always with a very low centre of gravity. The ease of access to the hopper, the tool box and many other details make the Virkar Dynamic a disc seed drill that has taken into account the comfort of the farmer in order to perform his work better.

If you want to buy a Virkar disc seed drill and enjoy all its benefits in your field, consult your local distributor. You can contact us to obtain a quote by calling 938 043 387.