Virkar Group the best seed drill

Virkar Group has the best seed drill on the market

If you are a producer and are looking to give your crops a quality leap, a Virkar Group seed drill is the best decision. Our machines provide maximum adaptability, low maintenance and high performance. All this, with the guarantee of being designed and built with the best raw materials and cutting-edge technology.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and efficiency in today’s agriculture that has always led us to create precise and effective seed drill. That is why we are committed to research and development of new solutions that improve agricultural productivity and reduce environmental impact. Virkar Group has earned a place in the market through hard work and training as a leading company in the creation of sustainable agricultural machinery.

The benefits of adopting high technology for your field

  • More efficiency and productivity: Agricultural technology, such as automated irrigation systems, a modern seed drill such as those produced by Virkar Group, monitoring systems and crop management tools, allow for greater efficiency in the use of resources such as water , fertilizers and pesticides. This leads to an increase in the productivity of agricultural land.
  • Make better decisions: Technological solutions such as remote sensing, geographic information systems, and data analytics provide farmers with real-time information about soil, weather, and crop conditions. This helps them make strategic decisions, such as planting optimization, pest and disease management, and irrigation scheduling.
  • Reduce costs and expenses in general: Optimizing the use of resources and improving efficiency in agricultural operations are benefits that technology can provide to reduce costs. Efficient irrigation systems, for example, can reduce water consumption and therefore the associated expenses. In addition, monitoring and early detection of crop diseases can minimize losses and expenses related to unnecessary treatments.
  • Automate tasks: Incorporating technology into your field allows you to automate routine and repetitive tasks. For example, a Virkar seed drill can take care not only of planting the seeds, but also of facilitating the harvest and improving the yield. Reducing dependence on human labor facilitates the optimization of resources.
  • Improve traceability and quality: Technology can make it easier to track and record information about agricultural products throughout the entire supply chain. This allows for better traceability, resulting in greater transparency and trust for consumers. In addition, technology can help improve the quality of products by monitoring and controlling production processes more precisely.
  • Access to information and education: Technology also gives farmers access to training and up-to-date information. Through the internet, mobile apps and online learning platforms, farmers can access educational resources, research, good agricultural practices and historical data that help them improve their knowledge and skills.

A Virkar seed drill is a guarantee of progress

Virkar Group was born in 2010 thanks to the idea of three young entrepreneurs. An engineer, a mechanic and a farmer dreamed of creating the company that could produce the best seed drill to meet the needs of each producer.

And so they did: they developed a seed drill capable of standing above the most prestigious on the market. Offering high performance and responding to the highest expectations and demands in the planting process. Get to know our models and choose your next planter. You can contact us to obtain a budget designed for what you need and to know the technical specifications of all our products, or call 938 043 387.