Dynamic D


Maximum level adaptability.

The best no-tillage seeding in multiple terrains and enviromental conditions.

Autonomy: You decide when the workday ends.

Up to 6,800 liters of hopper capacity in compact transport dimensions, allow long working hours with the Virkar Dynamic seeder. Work faster and with lower operating costs.

DYNAMIC / 5300 l. (6800 l.)
30 Air Seeder / 3880 l.
CAYENA / 3600 l.
750A / 2300 l.

Everything under control.

Smart Virkar system for hydraulic control. Electric dosing control via ISOBUS compatible with GPS positioning for automatic steering and maps.

TotalContour also in monodisk.

Useful working range 35 cm high with parallelism.
Control of working pressure from 0 to 200kg from cab.

Multiple adjustable elements to adapt to the needs of the land.

  • Depth control wheel.
  • Coulter height.
  • Separation between disc and depth control wheel.
  • Tilt of the capping wheel.
  • Capping wheel pressure.

Use of standard bearings and friction bushings without grease.

Comfort. The pleasure of working.

The possibility of machine lifting facilitates access to planting grounds, always with a very low center of gravity. The easy access to the hopper, the toolbox and other multiple details, make the Virkar Dynamic a machine that has taken into account the comfort of the farmer to be able to do his job better.

High performance.

Exact depth

Seed fixing wheel

Capping without compaction

Excellent germination

High performance

Free Drive, a new degree of freedom.

Sow in curved paths of up to 8 meters radius maintaining the distances between lines. The system that releases tension from the sowing train, extending the life of the components and allows blocking for road transport.


Dynamic D

Wheel with flotation tyre 500 / 45-22,5
Hopper capacity 5.300 liters
Machine weight 5.000 kg*
Seed distribution Pneumatic seeding system
Seeding rate From 2 to 380 kg/hectare
Distance between sede units 19 cm / 25 cm
Transport folding Automatic locks
Dosage Electric(ISOBUS)
Opener and depth control TotalContour system with quick height adjustment
Working height range 35 cm
Hydraulic requirements 4 distributors + 1 free return
Minimum tractor power required 130 hp
Standard accesories
  • LED work light
  • Toolbox
  • Machine lifting system
  • Axis control
Extra options
  • Tramline
  • 2 Products (1.850 / 3.440 liters)
  • 3 Products (1.850 / 3.000 / 350 liters)
  • Hopper extension (1.500 liters)
  • Folding conveyor
  • Autonomous hydraulic system (cardan)


4,5 m / 5 m / 6 m / 7 m*

* Separation 25 cm

3 m

7,20 m

3,10 m

Dynamic D (ENG)

Dynamic D